CAN Routing

ksilovich 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Aurelio Romano 6 years ago 6

It looks like you guys added CAN routing for the MC4x family in IQAN 5, but there is no documentation of it anywhere that I can find. 

So my setup is a Generic 500k CAN bus that has 10 modules on it.  I need to place a router in front of one of the modules to block a few CAN ID, so I can broadcast it a different set of data.  The module that is behind this CAN router is also sending out its own messages to the rest of the network that the other 9 modules need to see.

So do I set up 2 routing rules?  One to go from A to B, and then B to A.

Or how would I go about setting up the CAN routers to make this possible?  

This is what I have right now.  There is one ID i need to block from the ECU to Trans, and then the Trans to ECU will all be allowed.  Will this setup work like I am wanting it to?

Image 953

Assuming that we're looking at (the picture) Generic routing rules, and then ECU and TRANS are generic CAN buses, you have currently set it up to route all CAN frames in both directions, with one exception, blocking a CAN id (not disclosed)  from going from the ECU to the TRANS bus.

So it looks like you have achieved what you described.

You should verify your result with IQANanalyze, since you can't use IQANsimulate for this feature.


CAN routing added to user manual in the upcoming IQANdesign 5.01.

Is it possible to offset/ modify Message ID's when routing from one CAN bus to another? I'm trying to use the MC41 as a router for multiple identical CAN nodes (a parallel bank of the same component, with identical CAN communication), with an MC41 for each component, only routing select identical messages from each component while offsetting the ID's depending on the ADDR of the MC41.

Not with the MC4x routing function. To send out on a different ID, you would need to bring the messages in to the application using GFIN and send out as GFOUT

Do you know if CAN routing functionality will be eventually available with MD4 hardware?

There are no current plans to add this functionality to the MD4 that I am aware of.....unless someone else knows something I don't.