Changing default language

Edzard 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 5

Hello all,

I received a project that I need to revise. This project contains many translations (in software and display). The default langauge is set to Dutch however. I would like to use English in the software. Is there a way to change the default language, without losing the translations?

Thanks in advance

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There is no function to explicitly change the default language. But you could try to export the languages to excel. Using excel you can switch the columns of the languages and then import the languages again. The default language will now contain the English texts (for the items that was translated). The previously English language will now be Dutch and can be renamed. The default language will of course still contain Dutch for the items that had no translation.

Thank you Anders,

This solved the problem for me. I was hoping there was a setting, but this also works fine.

Can I know the procedure to export the languages to excel in IQAN Design6. 

Thanks in advance 


File>Export>Export Languages