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Can someone post an example of a decent size array so I can dissect it a bit. I'm struggling on some of the syntax of it. 

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This is a quick demo I made some weeks ago to demonstrate usage of arrays. It shows how to use pointers and fixed indexes. What it doesn't use is the QRest to reset the whole array.

Space Invaders IDAX

Image 967

Good Luck!


Now we are talking !  great work

The winner of best reply ever goes to Jonas Bengtsson. Not only did he deliver a perfect example of what I was asking for, but also gave me Space Invaders!!


I would love to get a copy of this sample but the link does not connect any longer.

Can you send me a link or repost it?

I still have it. message me your email and I can send it to you. its too big to attach it here. 

Can you send it to me too?...mwcarlyle@gmail.com

My email address is argyt@feldcamp.com.

Thanks I really appreciate this.

I would appreciate a copy as well.  abloomfield AT gmail DOT com



This is the stripped file so if you have IQANDesign, you can open it.

I should have thought of that!