Universal Tilt Sensor UTS programming shortcut

Eric Metz 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Mark Bevington 4 years ago 8

Does anyone have a complete program written for the IQAN J-1939 Universal Tilt Sensor?  It seems pretty straightforward, but I'd appreciate the time savings if someone already has this in an importable file.  I was hoping this would be in the "Solutions Library", but no such luck.

Which major version of IQAN are you using? 


Hi Eric,

Maybe you have already received support for this. Anyhow here is some information that may help you.

I have attached two projects. The J1939 tilt sensor UTS is the solution that existed for version 4 which I simply opened/saved with IQANDesign 5.01.


The other one is for UTS v2 (3 axis version) and provides more info such as how to set the J1939 address, and set broadcast interval , etc. 

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UTS version 2.idsx

J1939 tilt sensor UTS.idsx


Thanks for providing this info. 

One additional comment, the "J1939 tilt sensor UTS" from the IQANdesign 4 solution library is the ±10° 2-axis version.

For the ±90° versions, both the 2-axis and the 3-axis can use the "UTS version 2" file that Noah provided, the angles are mapped to a different PGN as the tilt sensor can read a wider angle than what the SAE defined message anticipated. 

Also see: 


Hi Gustav,

The link you provide in your post, above, is no longer good. I'm thinking it must be for an earlier version of this sensor. I also note that you state that the PGN’s used for the ±90° 2 or 3 axis version do not match those used in the "J1939 tilt sensor UTS" example from Noah Breece. I believe this is also true for the ±10° 2-axis version which I am working with. Seems that by factory default, it is broadcasting at 61183 (0xEEFF) and 65,451 (0xFFAB).

Can you confirm that the PGN change is valid for all v2 UTS sensors, including both the ±10° & ±90° versions?

Also, I looked in IQAN6 and did not see any examples in the Solutions Library. Did I miss it, or is the info that is attached to this thread all that is presently available for this sensor?

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Please see link below for information about the UTS and UTS-G.


The UTS uses PGN 0xFFAB to broadcast it's values.

Hi Edward,

Thanks, I already did.  Please note that there are some issues with the June 2019 UTS Users Manual (attached)   The manual indicates it's for all 3 products, two 2-axis, and the 3-axis part.   The example, from Noah, has the Z-axis mapped into PGN 0xFFAB. 

The manual does not show any provision for the Z-Axis parameter for the 3 axis sensor, P/N 159456ECD.

This makes one wonder what other mistakes might be in the manual.  I am assuming it must be the most current, as it was downloaded yesterday.  UTS User Manual.pdf

I think someone at Parker needs to review and update the UTS Users Manual, and/or to supply some examples that match the version of parts that are currently being sold.  

Next problem, is that I have a P/N 162703, the 2 axis ±10° sensor.  It is outputting values from ±90° for both axes.  I would have expected the output to be limited to ±10°  since this is what the part is rated.  Did I get a mismarked part, possibly the P/N 160736ECD?  How should I interpret this?     The label on the part I have indicates a S/N of 040040038, with a PTS ID: BA1FWM5I

Also, I've looked through the documentation on the link above to see what is available regarding the differences/benefits of using a UTS versus a UTS-G part.  I could not find anything.   Do you have any white papers on this?

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