MC4x error status

Frank GUO 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1


Is there any way to read the error status of MC4x? I believe when error occurred a system message would show up. But is there any channel can be used to identify what error detected?

For example, how do I retrieve the error on DOUT HS+LS?



If your MC4x is connected in a multi master to an MD4 or MD3, then you will see a dialog box on the master display. 

The MD3/MD4 display pages property "Show messages" must be set to all.

You can also connect with IQANrun, and when you click on the module, you will see all channels that are in error status listed.

But I guess the question is really about using a channel for the error

If you want to read the status of a channel in the application, you use the status operands, in Object list or Qcode

With Qcode, the syntax for reading DOUT open load would is for example: 

Result := StatusOf(DOUT-E) = stOpenLoad

If you do want to react on any type of error, it is almost always a good idea to just look at the status type Error

Result := StatusTypeOf(DOUT-E) = stError

The system System Information Channel can be used to read a more general "Active error level", this will not pinpoint the channel that has the error, but rather just say that there is some error detected by the module.