State Parameter Error: Refers to itself - iQan 5.01

RobinArvidsson 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago 9

i just upgraded to IQAN 5.01 and got the "refers to itself" error on one of my state parameters. 

i am refering a Text parameter into the "text" field of the states in the state parameter, 

The text parameter is using the state parameter as mode selector. 

is this bad practice or a bug in the update? 

i've done this to be able to display an editable name of my state parameter when using the state picker in the gui.

Image 1000


This now works as expected in my project, Great thanks!

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I just confirmed this to be a bug; very unfortunate.

The feature you're using was introduced in 4.07 and was working in 5.0.

I've opened a case for it to be fixed (ref case 44411)

Hi, when does this get fixed? I just came across the same problem.


Should be fixed in IQANdesign 5.01.x; Coming soon to a theater near you! :-)

Hi, still get an error when an ECNT refers back to the SPC

Looking at your example I realize that the recursion check still has an issue when using the SP as function selector (mode selector works fine now though). The construction you use should be allowed.

I have added case 44969 for this to be resolved in the next IQANdesign version.