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Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 5
I am not sure if this is a window issue or something you control in the IQAN environment and purposely done but it is at least to me very annoying
When opening a project:
  1. The Project manager window will always right justify. This makes most of the project structure inaccessible until you move the cursor back to the left.
  2. Often the property inspector makes the property side very wide as compare to the value side. Not sure if this is because I am jumping from screen to screen with different layout but to me know most of the properties and I am more interested in the current value. so I have to constantly resize the ratio of the two columns to reduce the property
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  1. The project manager always left justifies when I open a new project. Can you give more details when this happens? What version are you running?
  2. Same here, can you give more details? I've tried docking/undocking my laptop to switch screen size while IQANdesign is running, but it keeps the ratio. Is it when docking/undocking you see this? A screen shot might give some clues.
First of all, I qualify this as a nuisance nothing is basically wrong. I am running Iquan 3.17 on Windows7 Pro using laptop screen 1366x768 and external screen 1920x1080. But also use 1920x1200
99% of the time when I open my project the Slider for the project explorer is to the left. today for unknown reason it is in the middle:

As far as the Property inspector I did figure out that when the screen is being resized, the property column width is left un changed and the Value column gets all the squeeze. as a result it almost disappear in some cases. May be the two column could keep the same width ratio.
But once again this is more nuisance than reel issue.
By the way great forum and very good feedback from all of you.
For the Project the consequence is that lower root including User interface or similar are not visible/accessible unless you move the slider back.

Fixed problem with project manager alignment in 4.0.