I need to print Few stored details of customers from MD3 through a printer.

SANDEEP RAJAN 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Nicolas Vargas 5 years ago 6


I need to print few stored data of customers from MD3 display like,

1. Customer Name

2. Vehicle ID

3. etc.,

via thermal printer.

The printer available in markets are bluetooth / USB enabled. I use G11 Bluetooth dongle connected with MD3. 

Can someone help me in interfacing the bluetooth printer with MD3 via G11 bluetooth dongle / USB.

Also, Please provide support for me in understanding the program modifications required for same.


Sandeep R

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I´m locking for a solution on a similar function as you have described. Have you find a solution?




Am still awaiting for response from someone.


Sandeep R

Has a solution to this been provided?  I have a similar need using a mobile Zebra or Brother receipt printer. 

You can use an embedded computer, which has both CAN and RS232, as the gateway. And then all data from IQAN system would be sent via CAN, and converted by this embedded computer.


I would try to use an Epson T20 printer with a gateway such as ICP i-7530 or Ixxat CAN-GW100.

The printer will happily print any ASCII characters you send it.

Anyone have an example of the messaging to accomplish this?