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Root Access Logs Download with Service Access

JamesV 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 18 hours ago 8

I would like the ability to have a value and event log which can only be viewed or cleared with root access, but will be saved into a clone when the clone is taken by a service tech with only service access. This way a service technician can download a clone in the field and send it to me and I will be able to access a higher level of logs than they could see. 

I have tried linking the "visible" parameter to an IDC that is true only with root access and leaving "enabled" as yes, and every combination of view and clear access levels but have not been able to get what I want. Do you have any suggestions?



We are planning on including all logs to the clone file, regardless of access level, and make it possible to enter credentials when viewing the clone file in IQANrun later on to see content of protected logs. Adding your comments to the case.

Thank you for the reply. So there is no way to accomplish this currently?


You can use IQANscript to create a script that logs in with a higher access level, gets the clone and then logs out again.


Has this feature been implemented yet? I am dealing with the same issue as James.

No, unfortunately not. Only the logs the current user has access to are included in the clone. 

The workaround with a script that logs in and gets the clone is still the only way to handle this. 

Another bump to get this implemented, this functionality is required for R&D data collection.

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The post was marked as anwered with the IQANscript suggestion, but the feature request for getting clones with logs one without having access to the log itself could still be relevant. Changed topic type, from questions to ideas.