Force Ouptus in Diagnostics Mode

Julio Caraballo 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 3

Is there any way to force outputs in diagnostics mode?.
It is very useful to trace step by step when a problem appears.

Thanks in advance.
To do just that I use a state parameter with state "auto" as default, "forced on" and "forced off". I put this state parameter in an output adjust group. Then, the last internal digital that is used to drive the output I use that state parameter as a function selector. In "auto" mode you leave your normal output calculation, in "forced on" you use fixed "true" and nothing in "forced off". Whenever you will change that state parameter for debug purposes, the output will vary accordingly.

Hope this help

Thanks Frederick but It implies you should program it. I would suggest to include that option in prper IQAN SW.

Thanks again.