compare two applications

Laura 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by chuck streb 1 year ago 5

When comparing two applications the values of the adjust items are not in the comparing list.

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So it is easy to make mistakes.


Now I only have to switch from Iqan design 4 to 5.

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Not a bug

The only value for adjust items that IQANdesign know of is the application default value, or reset value for stored channels such as the memorizing channel. The application default value is used as the initial value for an adjust item the first time it is loaded in a master. You can read more about it in the user manual.

When comparing two files you will see differences between application default values, or reset value in your case.

If you want to compare the current value for adjustable or stored channels you need to use the Compare Settings feature in IQANrun.

You can read about all the details in the IQANrun user manual.

Under review

Turns out to be a bug anyway. Adjust items that are not part of any adjust group are not included in the comparison. Case created.

i have a very large project. The compare is a pain as i have to scroll 100's of pages to see things. is there a way to get the code i see directly? i will compare. looks like i cannot select it of copy it.

i really want to compare the parameter files