Factory CAN Ports Termination

Antonio Garcia 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3


Lets say I have a multimaster system, with two masters, and nothing else.

They are connected to eachother with two CAN buses, one for diag bus and the other for master bus. No external termination on any side, because I want them to be internally terminated.

So, in IQANDesign, I configure the used ports to be internally terminated.

But, what is the factory configuration regarding port termination on masters?

May I encounter any problem during first upload?

I would like to send the project through ethernet connection on just one of the masters. But I'm afraid the master on the other side won't be detected, in case can buses are not factory terminated.




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On a blank module from production (No application), the internal termination is on on all buses. 

After you have loaded an application to the module, the termination setting in the application is remembered until there a new valid application. This means the termination is kept according to the application also in cases where you start up the module without loading the application (e.g. by shorting the IdTag) 

i have two master controllers that i need to connect  (md4 is a head master ) is termination even a thing in this case i dont see the point of it unless iqan using a similiar protocol to j1939?

let me know 


You should always have one termination at each end of the CAN bus. 

When using two IQAN masters, it is easy to just leave the terminate bus property on default yes.