Disable specific outputs or Inputs Error Messages

Antonio Garcia 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 0

Hello All,

It would be nice that error messages of each input or output could be independently disabled.

I'm aware of the function group method:


But I might want to disable the automatic error message of a particular output or input, and still being able to identify its error state, rather than stop evaluating it.

For example, I might want to "retry" the activation of an output in overcurrent/short state, and only show a custom error message after a few tries.

Or, in case some output is not always connected to the load, but it needs to be continously turned on. For example, an output for optional working lights, or position lights, which are connected to the machine when needed, and always removed when not. I don't want to bother the operator turning on/off the output, neither with error messages if always on. ( open-load detection can't be disabled output by output on some modules ).