Length of translation of Headers and text fields

Jos Lentfert 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 4 years ago 4
Customer is asking if we can add indication/warning of the max text length you can fill in when adding translation in different languages, also using Chinees and Japanese. Also can the max text length be added in the xls export ( for sending it to translation offices)
Under review
Are you thinking of some specific texts? This could work for texts used in the menu system for instance, but other texts such as channel names can be used in many different ways on a display which makes it impossible to predict max length. Variable character width and different font sizes are also problems to consider, (e.g. "w" is much wider than "i").
Or, do you mean the developer should be able to specify max length for each translatable text? That could maybe be an option.

This was 6 year ago my question, now we have MD4 in format 5 7 and 10" and landscape and portrait position. Can you please look at this item again.

For example, I found out that  the maximum length of a header of the interactive message is max 63 characters.

The buttons left middle and center are 11 characters when using uppercase and 14 characters when using lowercase.

So that can maybe done at your side. Also the user interface would be nice if that is done by you.

Then it would be nice that the developer can limit the length for text what is displayed at the display or other variable text lengths.

Yesterday I was naming adjust items with descriptive text and faced a similar question. I had to simulate the application to see if my text would fit on screen.