Backup Log IQANRun 5

Mirre 6 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago 5

Can we have full log file *.irfX back.

I can not find it in IQANRun 5...

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You can perform the what is essentially same operation using the Get all button in IQANrun 5, and then save. 

The .irlx format of version 5 is as fast to get as the old full-log format, and it has the added advantage that it also contains the information necessary to read the log in IQANrun without the need to first open the application.

When will we see the Get All button.

I don't have it in my version v5.1.14

I can confirm. V5.1.12 had the Get All Button but when I updated to .14 it disappeared.

Must be magic!


While it looks like magic there is actually another reason why the button is not always shown. The new get all function requires that the master module is also running at least version 5.00. 

If the system is a version 4 system or older IQANrun will only save the records that has been retrieved in the list.