Separate On State Text and off State Text on Text Buttons on MD4

Richard Staite 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 9 years ago 2
When you use a text button on an MD4 it would be nice to have different text fields available for the On state and the Off State.
I have tried to use the Text Button but with no text in it, and then place text over the top of it which is enabled with another channel, but no matter where you put the text channel in the display order, the on state colour still covers the text when you toggle it on (on the simulator - I've not tried it on the hardware yet)
To avoid having the button Active color overwriting the Text Label, the Label should be placed after the button in the display page order.

One way to implement this is to just have one fixed text label that is always visible. Then it will be slightly different from the Text button text, that automatically changes color with the state of the button.

To replicate that exact behavior with text labels, you will need two text labels, and control visibility on both of them.

See attached example:
Text buttons with labels.ids3