IQAN Simulate, monitor issue.

Steve Liljestrand 6 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Anders Båth 6 years ago 2

The Last time I used IQAN Simulate 4.xx I had multiple monitors connected to my laptop via a docking station. now that I am using the laptop independently in the field the IQAN Simulate window is only partially showing far off to the right of my screen. I cant seem to correct this. when i click on the Upper bar of the window i get an error sound bit but no visible message. I imagine if I had my multiple monitors connected I would be able to move things around. any ideas? 

Image 1104

Have you tried windows key + left or up?

It could be that IQANsimulate is showing a dialog centered in the IQANsimulate window. Try the escape key to close the dialog. Then you should be able to move the window.