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Multi-Master Simulation

Lars Bolduc 3 months ago in IQANsimulate updated by Michael Carlyle 3 months ago 5


Is there any plan to improve multi-master simulation?

Data is not sent between the masters, and therefore a machine can not be fully simulated.

This will make our future designs much more difficult to maintain.


Under review

Simulate I/O diagnostics cases for HS or LS digital output on MC4X

Fredrik Lorenc 3 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago 4

It is possible to simulate different I/O diagnostics cases for i.e. current outputs on the MC43 by left-clicking on them and selecting status. A list of different I/O faults appear for the given output. However, when trying to do the same for a HS, LS or HS/LS digital output, the "Status" option is grayed out. I find this strange as the manual for the MC4X states that there are diagnostics for these output types as well.


IQANsimulate 4.00 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago in IQANsimulate updated 6 years ago 0

Highlighted features

Signal generator

It is now possible to control the value of a simulation item using a signal generator. The signal generator contains a table with time/value pairs.

Import of measure file creates simulation items for each channel in the measure file that can be simulated (inputs). Values from the measure file are also imported so that you can play back a measured scenario.

Interface to other simulation software

ActiveX support implemented. Makes it possible to read and set values from external software, e.g. Microsoft Excel. There is an example file for this under the examples folder.

Remember input values and settings between simulations without having to save

Simulations can be manually saved as .isa4 files. There is also an automatically saved simulation, that stores the input values and all the settings between the simulations. When launching IQANsimulate, there is an option to select whether to use a saved simulation file or create a new one.

Keyboard shortcut for small input changes

In the simulation group view the arrows are used to select channel. Ctrl+arrows are used to change the value of the selected track bar. Added shift+ctrl+arrows to change values in raw value steps of 1 (smallest step available).

Possible to add channels to simulation group while simulating

You can now drag a channel from the functionality viewer to a simulation group without having to stop the simulation first. There is also a default simulation group, so it is not necessary to first creating a simulation group.

"Set value" function more accessible

Added a small popup below selected channel containing controls for setting values on the channel. Same method used for physical channels and for the "set value" function for stored and adjustable channels.

For more details, see release notes.


Delay off/on

Lars Bolduc 1 month ago in IQANsimulate 0


When simulating and/or troubleshooting in IQANrun delay on and delay off (for IDCs for example).

It would be great to know the current value of the delay.

Displaying a live timer of the internal value being counted down.

So if the IDC has a 240,000 msec delay on, you could tell how far along this delay was.



How is it possible to press 2 finger push button on md3 with simulator 5.06

claudio 1 year ago in IQANsimulate updated by Chris Litwin 1 year ago 1

Hello, how can I control (press) at the same time the F1 and F4 buttons of an MD3, using the 5.06 simulator. Thank you


Simulator 5.06 no shows software with mc43

claudio 1 year ago in IQANsimulate updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

how do for increase timer in software per ECU MC43 with simulator 5.06? Why the simulator 5.06 don't shows the software program with ECU MC43


Simulate Input and Output Statuses

Chris Litwin 3 years ago in IQANsimulate updated 2 years ago 7

Is there a way to set the statuses for inputs and outputs in IQAN Simulate 5? I know I can set COUT channels, but that option is greyed out on all other channels.


IQANsimulate 3.15.15 released

Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago in IQANsimulate updated 7 years ago 4
There was a couple of bugs introduced in IQANsimulate 3.15, that we now have fixed. Please use Help > Check for updates to download the new version.

Under review

Gradient not displaying correctly.

Malcolm Sinclair 4 days ago in IQANsimulate updated by Emerson 2 days ago 2

Using IQANdesign and trying to incorporate lines with gradients on the MD4. 

When developing User Interface in IQANdesign the lines with gradients appear as they should.

However when simulating, not all gradients appear as designed and are one solid colour. Appears to only happen on a portion of the page.



IoT module status not evaluated on IQANSimulate start-up

Argy 3 weeks ago in IQANsimulate updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 weeks ago 1

When I simulate a program with an IoT module, the module status is not evaluated in IQANDesign on start-up.

I have to force the module to "No Contact" to have IQANDesign evaluate its status. I can then return it to "OK" state to properly simulate my logic related to the IoT status. I am not sure why this is happening.

I am currently using IQAN6.04.