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Distribute vertical - MD4 7 with 3.15 - bottom object doesn't distribute evenly

Zach 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 7
I will see an even spacing between all except the last object when using the vertical distribute button.
Using an MD4 in 3.15, did not see a patch note that this was fixed or a post.
Hope it is not redundant to mention.
for right now I make a phantom bottom object and use ctrl Z a bit.
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Hi Zach,

I am not sure that I understand what the error is?
I made a quick test with four text labels, the top one at 100 pixels from top, and the bottom one at 400 pixels from the top.

Before pressing Distribute controls vertically:

Just after pressing Distribute controls vertically:

The Distribute controls vertically has moved the middle objects, they are now at 200 and 300 pixels from the top.

Only the middle objects are highlighted after the operation, these are the ones that are moved.

I might need to make a video to show it. Might be a couple days.
Which version is that in?
The spacing between the second to last object and the bottom object is always a greater distance the distance between any other two objects I place down and select vertical distribution. For example, the first three will be 57 apart. The last one will not have moved from it's start position, however the distance between the second to last and the last was considerably more than 57.
I had one at 36, 73, 110, 147, and then 185 instead of 184. So in this case, it was off by one because of the remainder of 1 contrasting the space vs the numbers.
So if the remainder is higher, if you have more objects to space, then the remainder will be consumed on the last two objects I believe, and instead I would like the last object to come up instead of have my spacing offset between two objects in the set.
Ok, that explains it at least. With the function as it is working right now, the top and bottom objects are not moved.