event counter reset reverting to the wrong number - suspicious possibility

Zach 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 18
Does anyone else seem to have a gremlin changing your event counter reset values?

It has happened a few times to me.

Never in 2.6, but in 3.12, 3.14, 3.16 it has so far
I suspect that when I don't check the boxes updating, and the machine was just turned off with the event counter at a higher value than the default, something runs amuck with the reset.
What are you using as reset value for the ECNT? Are you using a fixed value, or a channel?

Do you mean that the resetting condition seems to behave as intended, but that the ECNT resets to a different value than you intended?

Since you mention the check boxes that show updating from IQANdesign, do you mean that this resetting happens only when sending an application update?

The only change between 2.x and 3.x that I am aware of for the ECNT is that in 3.x there is lazy evaluation on Increasing and Decreasing, meaning that these object groups are not evaluated when the resetting condition is true.
If the counter is at 3 and I get an input, then it resets to 0. Or at least it was supposed to.
I have not had time to investigate it enough. Some sequence of adjusting and installing seems like it changes the value that the event counter resets to. Specifically, it resets from 0 to 1 in both machines I think I observed. Happened multiple times per machine.

The first few times, I thought a coworker was yanking my leg. It has happened enough that I think somehow the value is being changed. My gut tells me that maybe if a machine is turned off with the counter higher than 0, and a program is pushed with some configuration of check boxes checked, the program will adopt the wrong reset value.

This happened in 3.12, 3.14, and 3.15 I think. I hope it is not a goose chase. I know for sure my reset value is getting flipped. This is my best guess why. I thought maybe I would just ask if someone else had this happen.
on of our customers has similar or same problem: IQANdesign 3.16
Using a fixed value the event counter resets to its current value.
With a reset value from a channel (Parameter) it is ok.
Under review

I spoke to a system integrator in the UK who saw this post, and he described an issue he just noticed with the ECNT reset value changing in the actual project file. I was not able to reproduce any issue when just sending the project file, but I found one thing that happens when getting the project file.

If you are using the Send/Get options dialog, you will get an option to override your application default values with the adjustable values when Getting a project file from a system.

If the box Import adjustable values is ticked, then application defaults will be overriden by adjustable values on those channels that are of type "adjustable". This includedes e.g. COUT, VIN and FP (the ones that have factory defaults, list on p. 228 in user manual).

This option should not override default values on channels that are of type "stored", e.g. MEM, TMR, ECNT. (list on p. 230 in user manual)

But when I try this here now, it turns out that since IQANdesign version 3.12, choosing to Import adjustable values from a system will import also the ECNT value. Version 3.11 and earlier does not import values to ECNT.
I think this is a bug.

Awesome! This bothered me so much.

I have a machine with 3.19 still randomly changing the counter reset value.

IQANrun 3.18 had been used with it a couple times.
I am not sure if that is the cause.

I had to switch the event counter rest back to 0 multiple times on this machine, while on another machine, I have not had to do the same.

We didn't use an older version of IQANrun with the other.

Hi Zach,

We did not put the solution to the problem in version 3.19 as we first planned, the issue that was found still exists.

The way we could reproduce a change of reset value on the ECNT was by using the Import adjustable values in IQANdesign. It is the reset value in the application that changes when the Import adjustable values function in IQANdesign is used for updating application defaults. IQANrun never changes the application, so it should not have anything to do with it.

Did you use the get application and import adjustable values function on this application?

I try to always import adjustables.


Fixed in IQANdesign 3.19.10 which was released yesterday.

Thanks guys!

I want to recommend a short note in the patch notes.

I didn't see one. Sorry if I had missed it. is still resetting improperly.

The website has 3.19.3 available for download when I go to http://divapps.parker.com/divapps/iqan/IQANStudios2-3.html

I still need to get three programs updated to not reset the event counters wrong.

It is pretty urgent for me.

This was fixed in IQANdesign 3.19.10 (released in November last year). 3.19.3 is the version of IQAN Creative Studio that contains IQANdesign 3.19.10. The studios have different release numbers since they contain multiple programs.

See release notes for IQAN Creative Studio 3.19.3 here: http://divapps.parker.com/divapps/iqan/downloads/ReleaseNotes_IQAN_Creative_Studio_3-19-3.htm#IQANdesign%203.19.10%20(26%20Nov%202015)

The easiest way to stay up to date is to use Check for update in the Help menu. You can also turn on automatic checking in Tools > Options.

I got a message to add a G1 modem.

Is that just for the G1 modem to function or is that required for the G2 and G3?

I guess you are talking about the "G1 modem may be needed" message? This is shown when you open a 2.x application in IQANdesign 3.x to inform you that you may need to add a G1 modem to your project if you plan to use it your machine. It has nothing to do with G2/G3.


I feel better knowing.