Spliting value in 2 byte in generic frame

C. Drouaud 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jonas Bengtsson 4 years ago 3

Hi everyone,

I need to send a generic frame, but the generic parameters are not always the same size. For example, in a certain mode, I have to send four 2-bytes parameter on my frame and in another mode, I have to send eight 1-byte parameter.

How can I manage this ? Can I split the 2-bytes parameters in two 1-byte parameter so I have just 8 generic 1-byte parameter (value depending on the mode) ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Hi use functions Modulus (mod) and divisor (div) to split the 2 byte value.

Splitting bytes.idsx

Take a look at BAND (Bit And) for splitting the byte into bits.

Use BAND to mask a byte or word.

Splitting bytes and bits.idax