PGN Input

Joe 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 4

Can you make the PGN input for a JFOUT be driven from a channel?  I am trying to set up an external function for a device whose PGN is based on a NODE ID.  Several of these devises can be used on the same bus and I would like to have an integer parameter to either change the node ID or the PGN itself in order to utilize one external function for all devices.

A work around for this is to use a Generic Frame Out.  This will allow you to point the full 29-bit identifier to a integer parameter.

Thanks Edward.  I will give that a try.

So this works, but doesn't work at the same time.  Yes, I can calculate the 29-bit identifier and have a generic frame out.  However, I can't attach that GFOUT to a J1939 device, so I have to create a new generic bus with a generic device.  Now the problem is that I can't have a generic device and a J1939 device share a bus; even if the generic bus is set to 29-bit ID with the same baud rate as the J1939 bus.  So I either have to convert everything else on the bus to generic or go back to my original problem of not being able to change the PGN.  Either way is painful.  I think generic and J1939 should be allowed on a same bus if the communication is the same.