The module MC41 [-1] does not match the address of the application. Do you want to download the application to this module anyway?

Ben Gearon 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 10

This message is sometimes displayed when I am programming a new MC41 with a well used simple application. The application has [0] listed at the address and the harness also has [0] resistor present. 

The application seems to work problem free once loaded however I wanted to try and understand why this message is being displayed and why it only occasionally occurs.   

Thank you in advance.

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In addition to my original comment, I have had a recent problem where a MC41 displaying this message will not allow the program to be loaded into it.

So the program initially appears to transfer to the unit, according to the messages on transfer status bar, however the unit fails to reboot. If a manual reboot is performed the unit does not contain the loaded software upon reboot and simply appears to be a blank unit.


I am seeing this same issue on an MC43 right now.  I get the [-1] message and the program seems to load, however the PLC itself shows that is is blank according to IQANRun5.  It takes a minute to load the file so it's acting like the program is being loaded into the module

Now looking at Gustav's message below the [-1] indicates the tag is missing however I took apart the connector and the "0" tag is indeed there.

I will now ohm it out and see if the tag is bad.  I will also update my laptop to IQAN 5.02 and see if the [No address tag] message appears now.

Quick update on this, I pulled the "0" tag out and ohmed it, it shows 432 ohms (which is the value of a "0T" resistor).  This must have been labeled incorrectly from the factory.

I replaced that address tag with a "0" tag that reads 294 ohms, but it did not solve my issue, I'm still seeing a [No address tag] error.

I have restarted it both by unplugging the connector AND by disconnecting the battery signal, neither seems to correct the issue.

For a master module, a 0 and a 0T has the same function (termination is determined by module properties), but it seems strange that the value you measured wasn't right. I think that a US colleague will get in touch with you about this. 

An additional comment, if there is a problem with reading the IdTag, the MC4x should be blinking 3 red and 2 yellow. 

Image 1235


When you restart the unit do you do it by removing the connector from the MC4 or do you have a switch?

Because if you are using the connector you can easily get the unit to start in 'Bypass application' mode.

This is done by either shorting or not connecting anything on the ADDR pins.

When you use the connector to start the unit you can get this mode by accident.

This is because the power pins in the connector are not the same as the rest of the pins and make contact a little before the rest, this can cause the unit to start up before the ID-tag pins have made contact (the ID-tag is only read at startup).

Starting in this mode will give you the message you are seeing.

A comment on the [-1] address, with IQANrun/IQANdesign version 5.02 the dialog box is modified to shows a clear text description of the -1 status, now it is saying [No address tag]


I'm using MC42 and two LS6 joystick (2x4 analog input signal) for operate crane.  

I have problem with first run  - send program to MC42. 

If 4 in 20 (ADDR) is open loop then - IDtag error. 

If 4 in 20 (ADDR) is bypass - application is not loaded.

What am I doing wrong.

How can i send projetc to MC42. Is the problem with ADDR? Can it be ADDR open loop?

Please describe the first run,


An open circuit on the ADDR pins won't prevent you from sending the project file to the IQAN master, you would be seeing a popup about Address mismatch, with the text indicating the module type and saying [No address tag]