Unsuccessful MD4 program update using IQAN Design 3.15

Manny 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 6
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Hello all, 

New to forum. Looking forward to all the knowledge base available here. 

To kick it off, I have encountered a situation where loading of an IQAN Design program from version 3.15 into an MD4 proves unsuccessful. IQAN Design will load firmware resources 21/21 and gets hung up on "Waiting on MD4". While on the MD4, there is a blue screen with the last line of text saying "CRC OK". I've let it sit there for 20 minutes with no change in status.

However, when loading a IQAN Design program from version 3.11 (have not tested 3.12 - 3.14) to the same MD4, no blue screen. Is this is a known bug and will it be addressed in 3.16? Is there a workaround in the meantime? 

Thank you all in advance and once again, looking forward to forum. 

I wasn't expecting the type of service/response that I received. It's very comforting to know this type of assistance is available. Keep up the good work. 
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I have a few questions:
- Is this a multi-master system?
- What communication interface are you using, USB, CAN, Ethernet?
- What happens when you restart the MD4 after the failed download from 3.15?
Ulrik, I have had the same problem with one MD4 display, I have spoken to T Moberg about it and he hade some ideas why this happens.

- It is not a multi-master. There's an XS2 expansion module in the system however.
- I'm using Ethernet comms
- When restarting the MD4, I'm given prompt "No application program loaded" (similar to that nature)

On a semi-separate note, a colleague of mine was successful yesterday in loading a program using IQANDesign v3.12.

I just repeated the process using the beta version and the upload was successful. To keep things consistent, I used the same MD4 that was giving me issues. Looking forward to the release. 

Thank you for your assistance,  

Thank you for helping us verify the fix. 3.16 will be released in a few days.