MD4-10: Touch buttons switch off after a configurable time

Florent Mirieu de Labarre 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 2

With 5.02 it is 30 seconds.

It could be great that this value can be set for each button (or screen), to improve the security (dead man security).



The MD4-10 was changed from 10 to 30 seconds timeout on the touch buttons to align with the MD4-7 and MD4-5. 

The VDIN is not suitable for function where the operator holds the button to run movement. 

Please do not use soft-keys or touch buttons for any sort of safety related function. See further discussion here:


Too bad we can not use VDIN for external controls, it is the only interest of this screen.

Can you work on the program to make the system more secure ? (Deactivation of VDIN in case of CPU usage, limit the use of the processor to keep a margin of maneuver, separate the graphic part with the touchscreen part, ...)