Communicating 2 different MC-31 through J1939

Diogo Tasquin Reducino 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2

Hey guys!

I'm trying to communicate two different MC-31 through J1939. They aren't in the same application, so I'm testing as they were connecting to outside J1939 modules (one mc31 is sending through JFOUT and the other has a JFIN waiting). 

Through Generic CAN protocol I could make it work (I'm only testing an digital input into one lighting up a led onto the other module), but with J1939 I couldn't.

MC31 with the Digital Input

Image 1163

Image 1164

MC31 with the Digital Output

(generic outputs aren't connected because I was giving another try with J1939)

Image 1165

Image 1166

I'm pretty sure I misunderstood the PGN concept, but can't make any progress.

Satisfaction mark by Diogo Tasquin Reducino 6 years ago

Solved. Forgot to link the J1939 bus source address(in this case I left it 33, when it should be 39) with the first MC31 j1939 source address. 

I don't think I can delete the post, so it's just an update.


Good to hear that you figured it out. Checking the bus traffic with IQANanalyze is usually a good way of spotting these things.