Copy-paste display objects

Huddig Daniel 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 6

When copy-pasting stuff in GUI editor, the pasted content used to have the same position as the content that was copied.

Now (5.x?) it moves 2+2 pixels

I can see the point of this, but when copying large amounts of content between pages, it destroys your day.., please make this an on/off feature!

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The behavior in 5.03 is unfortunately still the same.., tested both with an updated 5.02 app, and a shiny brand new one..

Holding thumbs you just hit the wrong key when posting the update..!

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Just found out: If you keep all items selected, you can move them pixel-wise by pressing CTRL+ arrow-keys.

That is a great workaround until it is fixed!

Thank you!


Move stuff with ctrl+arrows is great, but when copying Groups, the objects inside the group is also being moved, please fix this!


We found some grouping and copy/paste issues:
- When creating a group the grouped controls are offset with 2x2 pixels.
- When pasting controls with left/right = 0/0 to a new page they are offset with 2x2 pixels.

Both issues are fixed in IQANdesign 5.03.

I think there might be some confusion on what the fix actually did. 

When the display controls are pasted to the same page, the copied items are still offset 2x2 pixels also in 5.03.

The fix is only that when grouping the controls or pasting them to a different page, the items keep their original position. 

Confusion or not, pasting a group to the same page, pasting ungrouped items between pages, is still done with offset.

However when pasting a group between pages, no offset occurs, that is great!, you are on the right path!