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Lamp feature for lables

Fredrik Forsberg 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Grisel, Evert-Jan 5 months ago 8

It would be nice to have lables with lamp function. Be able to define "Input channel", "ON color" and "OFF color" for lables.It would be easier than making two lables as we do now.

Under review
Interesting idea. I have seen also in other application that two overlapping Labels (texts) are used as a highlight method, by controlling the visible flag on the Label control.
I've heard variants on the same theme, e.g. a user wanted to be able to control Bold in run-time. This can of course also be achieved with the workaround mentioned here, but I have another proposal.

By adding a property Font selector on Text and Value controls, you would have the possibility to define Size, Bold and Color for each state that the font selector channel defines. Most often you would probably only want two states, therefore it would make sense to allow the font selector to be a digital channel. The digital channel can be seen as a state channel with two states, False and True.

What do you think?
That will be very powerful Ulrik.  This means we can have text change colour based on system based in system condition: Red -  yellow - green etc.I have used the overlay work around many times and it works well but I always felt there must be a smarter way to do it.

Yes font selector would help a lot with an input channel like the pictures.
It would make the code really lighter.
This would make so much code so easier...

Maybe this feature can also be added for bargraph colors, selecting color by a channel. (see my earlier post)?