Does anyone have any really nice images they would like to share.

Mark 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by karl-johan Stjärna 6 years ago 7

Buttons, lights, graphics of any sort. Trying to build a library. I will share what I have with whomever might want it.


Here's something I'd like to share ;) A beautiful measurement, art in motion. We're considering framing it for our office. :P

I have some button images as well I can share, will upload those later.

Here is our magnificent measurement, poetry in motion!

Not really what I had in mind.. More like this


I know what you mean Mark, I just got enthusiastic.

Here's two images I used to have a lot on the MD3. It is an indicator for a switch that fits exactly above the F1-F4 buttons.

The gradient in combination with the refreshing of the screen creates a nice optical effect when it switches over.



Mark, is there anything specific that you really want?

Graphics/aesthetics is one of my favourite parts of developing any kind of software on any platform that has some sort of HMI requiring visuals, I will spend a good amount of quality time creating the graphics and animations to suite the application at hand.

As you might have already discovered that in IQANDesign the biggest thing to consider is getting the correct image sizes processed before adding the images into your project. Once you have the layout worked out and know what sizes you need to use where, then it is easy start creating custom buttons and graphics.

There are quite a few software packages that is great at doing just that:

GIMP --> https://www.gimp.org/ <-- this is a free tool that is very easy to use with plenty of online resources to guide you to achieve the result you want. This is actually perfect to use in conjunction with Iqandesign, I would say give this a go because you can basically download just about any image you like from the web (if it is not copyrighted of course) and just simply tweak and resize the image to fit in IQANdesign the way you want.

PHOTOSHOP --> This is a premium package, but if you are able to obtain this tool and learn it, do it, it is worth gold when doing graphics, this is my main go to graphical tool and have been using it for many years.

Sketchup --> https://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-free <-- this is a great FREE tool for creating 3D objects quick and simple. However, I would also suggest using one of the image processing tools mentioned above to clean up and properly resize the object/image before it can be used in IQANdesign.

Alternatively, you can also use premium 3D software like Solidworks or Inventor if your application requires very technical illustrations. But this is only really useful if you are actually part of the design/manufacturing team and has full access to the actual design models etc.

Other software that is also useful is vector based tools like INKSCAPE --> https://inkscape.org/en/release/0.92.3/ <-- also free.

Or Corel draw, but this is not free, but if you have access to this tool it is also worth gold in, but only if you have a lot to do with signage, but it can still process images to work in IQANdesign. 

There are also the microsoft packages like paint or 3Dpaint but I do not have any real experience with that, but I am sure that will also be suffice to get good graphics processed.

But as you mentioned you are actually building a library of graphics, so give something like GIMP a go and you will find that you might not need a large library of images, but you might only make use of a few specific preset templates that you have created yourself to build new and unique graphics like buttons, lights, frames or backdrops in a matter of minutes.

I am willing to help out if you get stuck or need something specific done...


Thought I might share... Had the need to quickly make a relatively large (190x190pixel) e-stop that fits nicely in a corner of a MD4 display. 


pngtree.com have a lot of buttons etc.. in PNG which are easy to modify.