COUT Adjust Channel Naming

Dave R 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by JamesV 6 years ago 3

Would like to be able to setup COUT adjust items with different names based on the channels Mode Selection. We use COUT's to run different functions based on machine setup and it would make it less confusing if the adjust channel could be named more specific to the setup instead of a generic name or a really long channel name with each function in the name. Sort of like how measure channels can have different names for the same measured channel.

Hi Dave,

I think my approach would be to keep the COUT channel name generic and then delegate naming duties to a state machine controlling the mode selector.  This will give you language control too.

The COUT adjust display interface does show the name of the mode selector and so I think it should be quite clear.  I  can share the small demo app I made to illustrate this if you want.

My concern is when I have multiple COUT's in one adjust group the generic names "COUT-A:MC43[1]"are not clear enough as to what output they are adjusting before going into the adjustment window to see the state name "State 2". I also find the state name small and is generally over looked. Especially on the MD4-7 in portrait mode where the name is at the bottom. I am trying to make it as simple to follow as possible to the operator. 

I have this exact problem. I understand the work around but it doesn't look clear to the customer/operator what they are adjusting. It would be helpful like Dave said to be able to rename an adjust item if it is in a different group similar to the measure items or perhaps to be able to link the name of a Cout channel to a text parameter that is selectable using an SMC. An alternative could also be to have more than 1 output linked to an output slot on the modules and which gets used would be decided by the SMC and the Couts would be enabled or disabled for the machine configuration. We've had this need come up a few times.