J1939 get/check status if no contact

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Is it possible to get status of J1939 device, or check/get status if some J1939 data(PGN) is not receiving?

I have created custom diagnostic page and would like to get this status if J1939 device is offline.


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If you set a Timeout time on the J1939 module you will get a no contact message if you lose contact.

Just type in a time (in ms) instead of the Not used.

Thank you for answer.

I already have this. This will give me just warning message(no contact), user will acknowledge and it will disappear.

What I want is to get status of J1939 device or PGN message in a code, so that I use it on custom diagnostic screen and to be able to check network after initial startup?

I notice StatusOf but it doesn't give me an option to choose J1939 device or PGN and check/compare status, but it has for example in list of StatusOf comparison?!?!

I could not find this in documentation, or it isn't documented or I don't have this manual?


Add an MDGN channel to your application and drag the channel to the J1939 module. Then select module status on the value property of the MDGN channel. You can also select the current lamp status of the module according to DM1 messages received.

If you want to use the status of a specific PGN you need to have a JFIN channel with that PGN and then use the status of the channel.

something like this.

if StatusOf(JFIN Channel name)=stNoContact then
Result := True


Solution is kind of a mix of both answers :)

1. Create MDGN channel

2. Drag to the J1939 Device which you want to monitor

3. Create IDC 

4. Qcode in IDC: Result:=StatusOf(MDGN Channel)=stNoContact

This IDC is used to switch Lamp ON/OFF on CAN network diagnostic screen.

I didn't know for the first two steps and now it look easy.

Again thanks for help!