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linus torvaldus 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 6 years ago 3

How to blink any ISO symbol for 0.5 Hz when SPN value should be 1.

Hello Linus.

Use the ISO symbol as the image for a lamp object on a display page.

Then you have a IDC channel as input for the lamp.

On the IDC channel you set the activating condition to be when the SPNchannel=1 and on the blocking side you set so the IDC is looking at itself.

This will cause the IDC to blink very fast, one cycle on and one cycle off.

To get the tempo you want you can use the built in Delay on/delay off functionality of the IDC, found on the right side in the property of the IDC channel.

If you set both to 1000 ms you get the 0.5Hz you are looking for.

Thanks Thomas.

I tried as per your suggestion but it does not fulfill my requirements.

I have taken one ISO symbol ISO 7000-0082 (Main Beam Lamp). Added J1939 frame input and parameter input.


PGN = 0xFF2F

SPN = 0x7E608

Bit length = 2bit (0x1 = ON, 0x0 = OFF)

I need to execute as per following pseudo code



Lamp ON


Lamp OFF



if (SPN = 0x0)


Lamp OFF


Ok, then it is not a SPN channel you are going to look at.

You need a JFIN channel and then connect a JPIN channel to that so you get the 2bit main beam parameter.

Then you do the same thing with the IDC but you are looking at the JPIN channel instead.

When you use a SPN channel you are only looking at errors for that parameter (DM1 messages).

What you need to know also is where in the 8 Byte JFIN package your 2bit main beam parameter is located.