IQAN 5 Breaking apart External Functions

M Donaldson 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Vincent Thiele 6 years ago 1

Does anyone have any tips/tricks to break up an external function into multiple files without loosing the I/O and graphic mapping in the main program?

Through lack of fore sight 1 of my external function blocks grew to the point where windows 7 thinks IQAN is no longer responding while updating.

I have made multiple external functions and split up logic in those but I can't find a way to take the existing function blocks in the main program and point them to the newly attached external functions without re-adding the block with all the headache that causes. 

Any pro-tips would be welcome 

The way we've broken up large external files was to make copies of the file for the parts you want to break off and then delete the rest of the functions in that file. You just need to make sure you're updating the file properties appropriately for the new files.

I hope that helps.