Red Lion Data Station Plus

Joe Hutzal 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Dashnor Ruci 6 years ago 9

Has anyone had any experience connecting a Red Lion Data Station Plus to a MC43? In IQAN 5 I have configured a Generic Can Bus with a Generic Can module and using a GFOUT frame. In the Red Lion I have a CAN card and am using the IQAN driver, but I can't seem to communicate. In Analyze my address shows up as -1 and no contact. I have no idea what to try, if anyone has a working example it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Joe,

the generic can bus is a regular can bus communication, as stated, it's generic.

The ICP (iQan canbus protocol) isn't a generic compatible protocol, it's more like a J1939.
If you try to merge a Generic bus to another protocol, the software will warn you as it's not possible.

If the Red Lion have the iQan driver, this lead me to ask you to check on the red lion side to see if it could poll the MC43 and retrieve the information it need.

They may have some example.

But for sure, this will never talk together is you set iQan on red lion side and generic on the other one.



We have used red lion hardware quite a few times with IQAN. 

1.  you cannot use icp; we usually use J1939, but you could use generic. 

2.  i believe that the red lion defaults to 125k, check/change this. 

3.  if your MC43 is showing a -1 for address tag, that's not related to the canbus; i believe that means it's not showing any address tag in the wires.

4.  in the red lion, you need to add a device/drop to represent the IQAN to send/ get messages. example:

hope this helps push you forward.

I'm always interested in other products that play nice with Iqan. any red lion models you are using? anyone else use any other products talking over can to Iqan?

Thinking more about what you said, I would also add: 

a.  don't try to use the ICP protocol in the red lion; i'd suggest J1939.   (then change to 250k)

b.  on the iqan side, setup a J1939 bus and add a node for the red lion (note red lion defaults to SA 2)

David any way you could expand the blocks in your red lion config so we can see the structure there?

managed to get it working;

Redlion driver node set to 2 as above

Select manage under Manage User Defined PGN's

Add PGN , PGN number set the same as the J1939 module set up in IQAN , in our case 65200.

In IQAN had to highlight the JFOUT to see the properties. Here J1939 source address was "default" on system layout it showed address 30 so I changed the "default" to 30 also.

We were testing with a single input so our SPN quantity was 1, byte size 2 .

Can be viewed when you highlight each parameter in your J1939 block

In Redlion add gateway block select your User defined PGN as the start address, block size set to 1 (currently only testing one input) direction is Device to DSPGT left tag data as default. 

Add internal numeric tag, left as signed integer.

Drag and drop tag to first bit under the gateway block

You can right click the block and open a watch window, view online and you can toggle your input

Glad that you got it working. 

Hi Colin 

i use canopen for communication between Parker IQan and Red Lion .


Using GFIN GFOUT you can exchange data between controllers.