IQANdesign 5.03

Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jos Lentfert 6 years ago 4

Version 5.03 of IQANdesign, IQANsimulate, IQANrun and IQANscript are available on check for updates.

New features

Multimeter in IQANdesign
The free floating quick-measure "Multimeter" window from IQANrun is added in IQANdesign. 
It is possible to bring up the Multimeter window and drag channels to it while measuring, or while editing the application.

Image 1271

Use IQANdesign 5.03.12 for this feature

Graph measure in IQANrun multimeter
It is now possible to add a multimeter measure group to the IQANrun graph measure view by selecting the group or one of its items and clicking the graph
button in the multimeter toolbar. You can then use the same features as when measuring on a regular measure group, such as starting/stopping the measurement, zooming, saving etc.

Image 1272

GT module and telematics node in IQANdesign
A new type of gateway module is added, GT - Gateway Telematics. This represents a generic Parker IQAN Connect gateway supporting IQAN remote diagnostics via IQANconnect and 
telematics; signal collection from the application sent to a server. 

Image 1273

More information on the gateway hardware and the telematics service will follow in the next couple of months. 

Important bug fixed

XC21, XC22 and XC23 inputs frozen after cranking -fixed.
This problem existed in versions 4.07 - 5.02. The master module could freeze all input values of an XC2x if the module had a short dip in power supply,  <9V for tens of ms. The dip had to be short enough to restarte the XC2x whbefore it had timed out in the application. 
Applications with longer cycle times e.g. 50ms were more likely to be affected. 

For more details on 5.03 updates, see release notes

There are three known problems in the original release: 

-IQANdesign 5.03.11 multimeter clears unit on channels measured

-IQANrun 5.03.8 does not accept safe passwords

-IQANdesign 5.03.11, IQANrun 5.03.8 and IQANanalyze 5.03.2, the PEAK adapters is not working

An updates fixing these problems is on its way..

Hi Gustav, is there any update on the new telematics function ? Thank you.

Hello Nick

There is more news to come on GT Modem and Telematics/IoT planned for late September.

Drop me a mail when you have specific requirement now.