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Memorizing Adjust Item

Chris Litwin 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

IQAN Design 5.02

I was working on setting up a slider on a display page that set the value of a memorizing adjust item. After adding the memorizing channel to a function group and dragging it into the adjust items, I was having issues setting the input of the memorizing channel. I was receiving an "Undefined Reference" error and since it was in an error state I couldn't set the input to refer to itself. The work around was to first select a math channel as the input of the memorizing channel and then it would go out of error state and I could set the memorizing channel to use itself as an input. 

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Not a bug

The MEM channel gets its value type from the input channel. Channels of type boolean, real and integer and state are possible to connect to the input property of the MEM channel. 

This check is what prevents you from connecting a MEM that does not yet have a valid value type set. 

To add a MEM with value type real that you will use as an adjust item, I think that connecting it to an unused FP or math channel is a better way to set the value type. Compare to the solution library examples "automatic reset"