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Status and value of channels hides name in online mode

Arno Heeren 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated by AxelC 9 years ago 2
when an application is not so clear structurized like below, it becomes sometimes hard to understand an application. In online mode it gets worse, as the status covers the name.
Quite often the area behind a channel box is free and could be used to show the values and status in one field.
Let me know your thoughts.
rgds Arno

Image 2
This is how it worked in our previous generation of IQAN tools - IQANdevelop. There the measure values slid out to the left or right side of the channel control when you clicked a channel's status lamp. You had to click each channel that you wanted to measure. This worked fine since all channel controls had fixed positions.

In IQANdesign channels can be moved around and placed close to or even overlapping each other. Therefore we decided to have fixed width on the channel controls, so the user should not have to leave extra room for the measure value.

However, as you mention, there is often empty space on the right side of the channel control. Maybe we could add an option, so the user can decide whether he/she wants the measured value inside or outside of the channel control?
Or an option to choose the length of all modules in the project.
Allowing to use long module for big project where name maters.