license in 5.0

mgoutier 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Can someone break down what is going on with the new 5.0 licensing? I have had a few licenses now since Iqandevelop and I recently updated my software to 5.0 for some of the added functionality. Now that I have around 30-50 machines with 5.0 on them, i just noticed that the licensing will/might be subscription based? Does this mean if I do not want to pay a yearly subscription I have roll back my software to 4.0? or will that be blocked as well? 

Satisfaction mark by mgoutier 6 years ago

The subscription is for updates. You can use the version(s) you have bought for as long as you need without a subscription, including 5.x. There is no connection to number of machines, download to as many as you like just as before.

The subscription option was introduced a year ago when 5.0 was released. We decided to include the first year of updates for free. This means all existing users have been able to update for free up until now (version 5.03). If you buy a new license you will get a year's update subscription free of charge.

Read more about updates and licensing here.