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Generic parameter out : Wrong value sent ?

C. Drouaud 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2


I have a problem with some generic parameter out. I am sending values to a radio controller display, to be displayed. Value in the IQAN program is 2 for my three parameters, I send then with a generic frame out. Problem is that values displayed on the radio controller are respectively 0, 103 and 26112 even if my 3 values are equals to 2.

I tried to change the different parameters (signed/unsigned interger, little/big endian) with no changes.

The radio display is programmed in Codesys, and the manufacturer suggest me a SHL shift on the values. I don' know how I can check that and change it if it is the problem. I have the Codesys program but I don't really know how it is structured or to re-program it.

Can you please help me with that ?

Thanks in advance,

Any help ?

Thanks in advance.

Not a bug

If you send the same content in the data field of the CAN frame, and gets a different result on the display of the 3rd party display, then the problem must obviously be on that end. 

What I recommend that you do is to use IQANanalyze to read what you actually send on the bus. 

The sort of symptom you descrive sounds as if either the IQAN application or the 3rd party device sends or reads the value in the wrong position. 

A good way to inspect your application is to look at where the GPOUT is located in the GFOUT. There you can easily see if it is of the correct length and in the correct position within the data field.