Passive State Machine - New channel type request

Nick Pridham 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 11
I would like to have a SMC channel but without automatic priority ordering.  This means jump conditions can trigger, the state machine changes state and then remains in that state until jump conditions relating to that state trigger.

Need a store value for this function too. 
This channel type will be implemented in IQANdesign 4, which is planned for later this year. I've added your request for storing state also. Good input.
I want to understand.
Would that mean I could change states via a state parameter drop-down button from the MD4 display or pressing a button on my remote as a CAN message from my reciever that activates an event counter to change the state?
Because if so, I want that.
If not, I still want that ability, but was trying to avoid making a double posting.
Hi Zach,
What you are describing can be done with the existing state parameter channel, SP. As you describe, a state parameter can be connected to a state picker control (via an adjust item).
It is also possible to control a state parameter with an event counter, just connect it to the state parameter's Input channel property.
When I tried it, the state parameter gave priority to the adjustment item.
So the button I setup with the event counter in the remote didn't change the state any longer.
I am using 3.15 though.

errr... maybe I was using an SMC. Will check.
Ok, sorry, I didn't realize you wanted both in one channel. We have an idea how this could be solved. We'll get back with more info.
I am just going to use an event counter for this current project.
So it is not urgent for me.
Hi Zach,
For the control of a state via both drop down (state picker) and buttons for next/previous, try the attached file:
state picker and next-previous.ids3
The trick here is to make use of the MEM channel value type, by connecting a State Parameter as the input to the MEM, the MEM get value type State. The MEM can now be adjusted via the state picker.
You can now also use the Activating function in the MEM to replace its valve with the value from the State Parameter, this value comes directly from the ECNT. This way the MEM value will be modified by the buttons for next/previous.
The final part is that the ECNT is reset if there is a change in the MEM when there is no button input. This way you know there state was changed using the state picker. The reset value for the ECNT is the new state number.
Hello Gustav !
You have spared me a lot of thinking with this tip.
I use a LC6 joystick as state picker, and in same time i will use bottom on the screen as alternative.
Perfect !
Hi Zach, it looks like Ulrik and Gustav and answered your question comprehensively. The primary technical objective from me on this is not to have the state priority function as per existing the SMC.
Thanks for the help Ulrik and Gustav!
Apologies Nick, I misunderstood your first post.
I will excuse myself from your thread, good luck Nick.


New channel type, Finite state machine added in 4.0.