Issue with the radio control expansion module (XR) in IQAN Design 5 software update

Meric Forest 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2


We have noticed an issue with our systems that have a radio expansion module (XR) in the IQAN Design 5 software update The master module in our system can no longer connect to the radio system when a program in software version is downloaded to it. However with the same system and same program our master module can now connect perfectly to the radio system but with the program at software version We noticed this issue as soon as we updated our IQAN design 5. We have created a simple program In IQAN Design 5 with only a MD4-5 master module connected to the radio expansion module (XR) to show visually what we mean. The radio system we are using is a Hetronic radio system. Please refer to the images below. Has anyone seen this before? is this a known issue? or are we missing something? Thanks a lot for your help.

Image 1302

Image 1304


Yes, it is a known problem in the 5.03 version. I knew that I had already written something for the forum about this , but saw just now that I forgot to press the "publish" button..