MD4 Crash With Blue Screen

Kevin 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

I have a customer with a machine fitted with multimaster 1 x MD4 and 2 x MC3 running 3.19.10 (display is running, MC3 running Randomly with the machine powered and no change of inputs on any modules or touch inputs to the MD4 we get blue screen. The display does not recover from blue screen, and the system needs reboot to clear the error.

Logs in MC3 (number 1) suggest loss of contact with MD4 display and second MC3, no contact. At time of MD4 blue screen i got a diagnostics bus error (wired to bus D on each controller) logged only on first MC3. Second MC3 does not appear to have any no contact errors with any modules. MD4 does not appear to have any no contact errors (dosnt even log the blue screen). 

I see there are some old issues found with the V3 software, would the recommendation be to update to version 4.03 initially? We have 10 machines running his software successfully, only this machine appears to be troublesome, they are all running same software and hardware.

We have CAN open device on CAN C, terminated both in display using software termination and also at the node end using resistor.

Image 1316

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A good starting point is to upgrade to a more recent versions. 

I'd say that you should choose between version 4.07.15 (the last version on 4.0x), or going straight to version 5, to version 5.01 or later. 

It is hard to say what comes first here, the CAN bus critical observed by one of the MC3:s, or the MD4 crash. But the versions 4.07.15 and 5.01 solves stability problems related to CAN bus errors on CAN-C/D so that at least eliminates one problem.