Automatic entry of State machine labels when used as module input

Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 9 years ago 3
When a state machine or state parameter is defined as a module input you have to manually add all the states. It would be nice if we could at least automatically import them from the previous layer. Would save tons of programming time.
I can understand that someone may want the ability to have different description for each state, but it is pain fully slow to re-create each states.
Do you mean function group with "module input"?
Not sure if this solves your problem:
- Copy the state machine channel
- paste it in your function group, where you want to use it
- Right click on that state machine channel, select "move up"
--> This generates a Function group interface channel with all states
- Go back to the higher level
- delete the moved up state machine channel
- connect the original SMC with the new FGI
There will be new features in IQANdesign 4 that will make this a lot easier. Meanwhile, Arno's method is a good workaround.
Thanks both of you. Learning new tricks everyday. Looking forward to version4. Arno's trick is a good work around.