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C. Drouaud 6 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 13


I bought IQAN Connect licenses that I downloaded on my computer. When trying to connect via Internet, I have A License Status : Unknown. I can't click on License status to update the license, the link doesn't seem to work. 

I also tried to open the license file with IQANRun and IQANDesign with no more success.

How can I do to use the remote assistance ?

Thanks in advance !

I also have an error message : No reply from IQANconnect server.

The symptoms you describe is what you would have if your PC cannot establish a connection with the IQANconnect server. One reason would be if the PC is not connected to internet. 

Another possibility is if the IQANconnect server is temporarily down, I checked the stats and there was some downtime on the 29th and 30th of August. 

I still have the same problem today. My computer is connected to internet, so I guess you server might be down...

Is this frequent ? When will it be back on track ?

Thanks in advance,

Ok, then there is probably something else that is causing the problem with the connection for you. 

The server is up and from the stats I can only see that the last downtime was: 

recorded on 2018-08-31 06:23:28 and the downtime lasted for 0 hrs, 3 mins

Some update on my problem. I managed to connect via internet from an Android tablet. It did work with the license I bought, count one connexion. I could not access to the machine because Android IQANRun does not handle login access...

But it means my license is working.

I have the feeling my IQAN Run and IQANDesign (tried with both) on my computer are bugging and don't let me add the license. I have IQANRun

Do you have some solutions for me ?

I guess I might have issues with the firewall, blocking the connection. Did you have any experience like that ?


Since you get the error "No reply from IQANconnect server" it is not related to the license. The license is verified by the server and can only be done if the program can connect to the server.

Do you need a proxy to connect to internet? Check the settings in Options > Communication > Internet settings. Normally it is a good idea to select "Use system proxy setting".

If you have the possibility, try another network connection (e.g. wifi internet sharing on a smartphone). In this case you might want to try the "No proxy" setting. This would rule out any company firewall blocking the access (except software firewall installed on the computer).

Hello again,

It's confirmed, the connection is blocked by my company firewall. To authorize the connection, they need an adress of the server (IP or URL).

Can someone please give an adress ?

Thanks in advance,

The address is connect.iqan.se at port 443 (HTTPS) for connection from the PC tools.

Hello again, 

It looks like my firewall is fixed because I manage to connect to https://connect.iqan.se with a navigator. I am on a login page, but I don't know which login I should use : forum login ? I tried but it doesn't seem to work.

I still cannot connect to the server with IQANRun app. 

Thanks for the help. 

You shouldn't log in to the server via a browser.

To connect for remote diagnostics, you use IQANrun