Dual MD4-10 displays and common display pages

Mark 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 5

What is the best way to have two displays use the same display pages? Is there a relatively easy way to achieve this? The operator will have two displays to access multiple display pages and I want to be able to let them access all the display pages I create on either display. I am in a severe time crunch so any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks all

I have never done this, so is this something easy? Stupid Question?

If they are in the same project and share diagnostic bus then the first MD4 will be Head Master with all control logic and hold all values that should be displayed. The second MD4 have the same display pages but all values are linked to the first MD4. IQAN take care of sending the values over the bus to the second MD4.

Not sure if the simulator can handle it but just make a simple test project and try it out.

Each display have to deal with their own page setup. You can copy them from first screen to the other, etc. But all link have to be redone for each. I used in the past a system with 7 MD4 and 1 MC3 with this setup. All screen were able to show same pages and values. In fact, they are still independent but able to work on the same network on the same values.

David, do you know of a simple way to have VDIN work on the separate MD4 without having to write special logic to read from each one independently?

In fact, the easy way will be to monitor Vdin from both and go through a OR digital function to act if any of the screen have an action.

This add only 1 additional step to your process and allow you to add any number or additional screen.