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RobinArvidsson 6 years ago in IQANsimulate updated 6 years ago 6


Our client is requesting to be able to use simulate and our software to train their operators. 

Our software is programmed in IQANDESIGN 2.63 and needs the same version of the simulator. 

Do you still offer licenses for the simulate 2.63

how can we best obtain licenses?



IQANsimulate does nor require any licence.

It is IQANdesign that need a licence.

The IQANsimulate 2.63 do need one to be installed. 

Without license it only installs as an evaluation license that expires.

I'm sorry, It is any of the studio licence you need and install the studio.

IQANsimulate is included in all of the old studio packages.

On the older software it is only when installing a studio that you get the chance to enter a licence.

I can't seem to find the Studio in the store..?


The setup file for IQAN Active Studio 2.63 can be found on the downloads page on IQAN store


On the top you find the current versions. Scroll down and you will see a section with 

If there is a problem with the download, these studio installations are also archived here:


To install IQANsimulate 2.63, it is Active Studio 2.63 that is the minimal level you need. (As Thomas wrote, any Studio installation will do)

If your client installs without a license, IQANsimulate will start in evaluation mode. 

On IQANstore, get a license for IQANrun (version 5), this license also works when installing IQAN Active Studio 2.63.