IQAN connect server status

C. Harp 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2

Needing some help with understanding an issue with connecting remotely to a module. Needing to know if the Sync connection runs on a different server apart from connecting directly with IQAN Connect through (verified) local internet connection. 

I attempted and i am able to pair my phone to generate a connect key through IQAN Sync app. However when i go to connect through IQAN Connect through design,  it does not generate a connect key. 

Also if these are running on separate servers, is there a link we can use to check status of each server?


When using IQANdesign connect remote it does not generate a key or connect the master to the internet.

This is what you ust to connect to units that are already connected to the server.

Here you enter the key that you got on the phone to connect to that machine.

If you want a MD4 to connect automatically to the connect server trough the ethernet port you need to set the application to always connect to the server.

you can then see you connect key in the menu system of the MD4.

If you have a MC4x you basically do the same but with the difference that the allow remote connection/stop needs to be turned on or set to a digital channel because you dont have any screen to accept the connection on.

You then use IQANrun to connect to the MC4x while the mc4x is connected to the internet.

You can then see the Key if you got the connection to work.

If you are not connected to the server with the MC4x this row will not show at all.

You can also use a SIC channel in the application and set it to show the connect key.
Then you can connect the MC4 to the internet and use design to see what the key is.

As Thomas explained, you get one IQANconnect key from the IQANsync app, when the G11 and IQANsync is used to connect the master to the server, and a different IQANconnect key if the machine instead connected to internet via the MD4/MC4 ethernet port. 

The IQANconnect server is the same, it is possible to check the status of the server here: