Address tag

Theleo De Bruyn 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Chris Litwin 6 years ago 2

Hi there!

I'm using 3 master modules, a MD4-5 and 2x a MC41. And i've a question about the addresses of my modules.

I've 4 different addresses in stock: 0; 1; 0T and 1T. How do I use those 0T's and 1T's in my program? Or are there more addresses like an 2;3;4;...?

Thanks for the help!

There are more addresses, you can check which ones and their resistances at the IQAN accessoires section.

The T means it has the added function of a 120Ohm end resistor if I'm correct. Should only be used at the end of a CAN-line.


I believe there are addresses 0 through 7. Each of those can have the T designation as well. So there is a total of 16 different tags. Since you are using master modules, you normally wouldn't use the T versions because you can terminate the bus internally through the IQAN program. Each module of the same type needs to have a different address, and the headmaster needs to be addressed with a 0 tag.