Giel Coopman 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Wim De Paepe 6 years ago 1

We have one MC43 and two MD4's. When we go into IQAN Run and press Start Measure, one APPIN remains red (time out). But when we look at the screen at IQAN Run, we see that communication is progressing well and we see the values change. Any suggestions?

Image 1346


Hello Giel,

Looking at the application and the printscreens.

The module seems to be OK, the diagnostics bus is working correctly.

However if an input is not working correctly, can you check what the status is?

By clicking on the input you will get a box like on the on the picture below, giving you

a status overview. We suspect that a 'time-out' which most likely indicates this concerns a wiring error.

Input status.JPG

Can you check this please?