REAL-type value on generic CAN in version 2.6

Peter Nyman 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 6 years ago 2

Is it possible to send a REAL-type value on generic CAN in version 2.6 (it's an Iqan MDL). I can't get it to work correctly.


In version 2, it was only possible to work with integer value types, with scaling done in the same way as in J1939.

To read or send a CAN parameter of value type Real, you need to updated to at least version 3. Which also means you cannot use the old MDL, only MDL2 or one of the current master modules. 

Update is not possible. I was just wondering if someone had developed a function/formula in IQAN to convert an INT to the correct bitorder representing a REAL-value. I suppose it can be done. For now I solved it by multiplying the integers with a factor 100 to get two decimals. Initially I had a problem with converting it back at the other end but i solved it finally.